2023 In-Store Events Update 實體店免費活動更新通知


謝謝南加州家長們2022整年的支持, 讓我們的故事活動辦得溫馨又愉悅

看到好多小朋友好喜歡好期待來們聽故事, 玩勞作. 也與好多媽媽們在這邊結緣, 就像三五好友般地相互交流育兒二三事.

綜合多場故事時間的經驗與內部討論後, 2023年的故事時間將改成每個月一次
我們將花更多準備製作時間, 呈現給家長與孩子們更多元的內容.
  • 故事與勞作將延長到45分鐘~1小時
  • 免費無費用參加, 採登記報名制
  • 每個月報名連結2~3週前開放登記
  • 每個月一個主題故事+勞作, 每月第一週的週三與週日兩場選擇

Thanks to all the awesome parents who came to join our in-store Mandarin storytime in 2022. Effective 1/1/2023, in-store storytime will be updated for better experiences. Please see below for a list of updates implemented to Yo! Baby Storytime & DIY Craft events:

  • Each session duration extended to 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • One (1) theme, two (2) sessions per month, 1st Wednesday and 1st Sunday of the month.   
  • Storytime and DIY Craft sessions will remain free of charge, with required registration in advance. 
  • Registration link is released 2 to 3 weeks before the event

活動登記報名 Registration for Storytime & DIY Craft Events 

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