Goumikids x Wee Gallery Newborn Smartbox Bundle 限量聯名有機棉聰明彌月禮盒 | Faces in the Stars 星空

Goumikids x Wee Gallery Newborn Smartbox Bundle 限量聯名有機棉聰明彌月禮盒 | Faces in the Stars 星空


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Introducing the goumi smartbox 限量有機棉聰明彌月禮盒
a beautiful hand-wrapped box that converts into a clever mini-dresser to hold all of your goumi essentials. The box includes two spacious sliding drawers, extends to hang from a wall or dresser and includes a convenient cubby for important documents, ultra sound printouts, immunization cards you name it.

不管您是買來自用或是送禮, 彌月禮盒開箱後切記別把盒子丟棄了!!!
展開後 附有兩隔收納小抽屜 可供您掛在牆上或是衣櫃裡
許多新手媽咪們用作寶貝甜蜜記憶盒: 收納寶貝的出生前的超音波圖, 寶貝出院時剪開的小手環, 或是寶貝的打針紀錄卡

bundles include

1 set of 0-3m mitts 有機棉防脫落雙面嬰兒手套
1 set of 0-3m booties 有機棉防脫落嬰兒腳套
1 set of 0-3m jamms 有機棉多用途嬰兒睡袍
1 set of 0-3m alls 有機棉多用途嬰兒包腳連身衣 
1 set of Wee Gallery® cuddle bunny 有機棉安撫兔兔


good for baby's brain

high contrast pattern on the reverse side of mitts stimulates infant brain and eye development  Goumikids的獨家防脫落雙面手套 提供高對比圖形有助於刺激新生兒視力發展. 隨著視力漸增, 您會看到小寶貝帶著小手套手足舞蹈的可愛模樣 
本禮盒組更是提供黑白高對比可愛設計, 黑白色是幫助新生兒的第一個顏色與明暗感受. 

stays on

signature two-part closure system in mitts and boots ensures scratch and germ protection and allows adjustable fit as baby grows 獨家溫和魔鬼氈設計 甩不掉的寶寶手套 & 腳套

jamms convert with a flip

with our patent-pending bottom pocket, quickly change from gown to sleep sack and makes diaper changes a snap 獨家多用途睡袍貼心設計, 快速將睡袍變成睡袋. 夜間換尿布變得好簡易, 換完尿布輕鬆變回小睡袋, 寶寶不凍著

alls for easy diapering and toes-free

integrated bum flap makes diaper changes a breeze all day (and night) long
toes flip out when baby needs cooling or toddling 獨家多用途嬰兒連身衣設計, 市面上唯一含抓手套與保腳設計的舒眠好物. 也是唯一可以自由翻開讓寶寶手腳透透氣設計.

對了, 媽媽別再擔心連身衣要全排扣解開才能換尿布的煩惱了. 獨家臀部排釦設計, 換尿布不再怕寶寶著涼或是打擾寶寶好眠. 


luxuriously soft

our machine-washable, 70% viscose from bamboo/30% organic cotton blend is breathable, naturally antimicrobial and environmentally sustainable 天然無毒材質保證, 全系列商品皆為 70%天然竹纖維 30%天然有機棉製成. 透氣度高, 抗菌力佳, 柔軟舒適

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150 reviews
21month daughter loves her table

After we set this table up, my 21 month old girl start reading books on her own table. I am glad she finally has her own space to read and draw. She can sit up straight and the table is big enough for mama and she draw together. Very nice quality and love the rounded edge!

Great series!

Finally got this set after hearing so much about it, and it did not disappoint. My kids love the heartwarming illustrations! Incredible detail and so much to talk about on each page!