CLARECHEN - FOREVER FUN Wearable Mermaid Blanket 美人魚毯_嬰兒小孩皆適用

CLARECHEN - FOREVER FUN Wearable Mermaid Blanket 美人魚毯_嬰兒小孩皆適用


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FOREVER FUN series of blankets are designed to keep the fun last. It is designed to grow with your little one. The design is so simple yet smart, so people from infants all the way to adults love it!

利用不同的object 形狀, 融入到生活的毯子裡, 不管是小孩還是時尚的大人或是需以輪椅代步的長輩, 蓋上膝上毯就上變身一樣, 勇敢地展現自我個性, 保暖的同時也為不一樣的自己做做暖身.  

特別在每款的兩側設計有鈕扣, 讓毯子有更多的使用變化
可變成: 兒童/大人的膝上毯, baby/兒童的肚圍, 兒童/大人的野餐毯, 車上毯, 沙發毯, 阿公阿嬤輪椅上的毯子 

正面: 100% Nylon 尼龍
背面: 100% Polyester 聚脂纖維
滾邊: 100% Cotton 純棉
內裏鋪棉: 100% Polyester 聚脂纖維
鈕扣: 日本YKK
尺寸: 69cm x 85cm (27" x 33.5")

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135 reviews

It's good quality and light.My daughter love it, she wants change with me, and wants me buy another color for her later.

An heirloom collection

I read these books when I was a little girl and seeing them here brought back fond memories of my childhood. It's great that Yobaby offers them in the U.S so I can share them with my babies. I intend to pass these down as an family heirloom!


展示書櫃真的很實用, 質感很棒, 擺設大方. 小朋友看, 取書, 放書都非常方便, 也可以收納玩具和其它物品. 真心推薦!


It’s pretty and useful, strongly recommended!

nice chair

It is very nice chair and simple design. My daughter who love this chair so much