【Grow with Me 優惠組合】不只是尿布台 + 外掛收納架/小汽車展示收納架 (10/21- 10/28 買即贈防水多功能尿布墊乙組)

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Need additional storage for extended use of this diaper changing table (maybe a toy and book organizer)? 
孩子長大了, 尿布台成功變身為移動式書櫃/收納櫃, 再加個小汽車展示收納架展示孩子們的小公仔/小汽車吧

Need wipes, diaper cream and lotion right by your side (not in the drawer)?
換尿布的時候沒時間翻抽屜掏濕紙巾, 尿布, 屁屁膏?
加個外掛收納架在旁邊, 緊急必需品品隨手可得

Need to add that cooking oil or sprinkles of seasonings at that last minute of your dough making process?
變身成為移動式家電/餐具櫃的時候, 檯面就變成完美的切菜/烘培等工作檯 
外掛收納架開放式收納常用的油, 鹽 調味料只是非常剛好而已 :)

Add one of these great accessories to make this diaper changing table more than just a diaper changing table. 


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Worth buying!

We really like it. The quality is very good! And the design is cute!

Great set!!!

It is well made and very sturdy. Smooth finished everywhere. The height is adjustable, so I think my little one can use it for couple years. No odd smell upon arrival.

best gift

I was looking for some science books for 6 years old then I found these books. I bought these for my friend's daughter as a Christmas gift. My friend can read these books with her daughter, and she also can teaches her daughter some chinese characters.