CLARECHEN - Kissing You Bib 嬰兒發聲圍兜_啾咪 (Pre-order)


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Classic speech bubble with baby's cute message to you written in crayons.

Best gift for baby showers, full-month or 100-day ceremony, special holidays and celebrations. 

當發現許多嬰兒有著被誤認的困擾時, CC認為最經典的圍兜形狀加上對話框與文字最能表達出嬰兒想傳達的訊息. 另外文字與圖案上特別採用蠟筆的筆觸來呈現純真童趣的感覺.

材質: 條紋 100% 有機棉 // 滾邊 100% 純棉
尺寸: 29公分x 23公分
數量: 1入
圍兜形狀: 經典的圍兜弧形, 讓嬰兒的發聲更為凸顯
包裝: 內附明信片, 讓貼心的送禮者能把滿滿的祝福寫在卡片上.

此商品為預購. 預計12月中寄出

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Great product

Very good quality and smart idea to put together with the table. My daughter knows to collect her crayons back to the storage box as good habit!

silly and fun

This set is silly and fun. My son loves search and find books and this detective series has a little bit of that. On top of that, he thinks butts and farts are hilarious so this definitely gets him laughing!

Light weight bag

This back back is really light weight and well made. I already have a smaller version cross-body bag so I know this one will last for a long time. I specially like the hidden pocket under the backpack to store my wallet and mom's stuff. I have not used it yet but am looking forward to use it soon.

Good product

I really like using this. But it can still crack if dropped on the ground. So make sure your little one doesn't throw it around.

Beautiful illustrations