DB 3.0 Multi-Purpose Lightweight Backpack - Morandi Grey 莫蘭迪灰 (Small)

DB 3.0 Multi-Purpose Lightweight Backpack - Morandi Grey 莫蘭迪灰 (Small)

CiPU 喜舖

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輕量新素材小巧設計, 戶外行走能量滿點
適合幼童與嬌小成人使用 (貼心提醒:內附跟緊緊牽繩)

親子Large MM款 請按此


  1. 由於每台電腦不同可能會產生色差,以收到實品為主。
  2. 條紋款式因應環保,師傅手工車縫時不會特別將條紋對齊。 (如果每個包包都需條紋對齊將會造成大量餘布產生)
  3. 因布料為分批染色製作,所以每批貨會有些微色差。
  4. 喜舖包包外層皆使用DWR( Durable Water Repellency )防潑水材質,這種耐久疏水聚合體,能減弱紡織品表面的張力,使水珠容易從織物表面滑落,而不被布料吸收。惟此防潑水材質可能會因為使用頻繁、日常磨損、雜質侵害之後,效能略為趨緩,因此不建議以洗衣機、乾洗及長時間浸泡等易造成外力刺激之方式作清潔。
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silly and fun

This set is silly and fun. My son loves search and find books and this detective series has a little bit of that. On top of that, he thinks butts and farts are hilarious so this definitely gets him laughing!

Light weight bag

This back back is really light weight and well made. I already have a smaller version cross-body bag so I know this one will last for a long time. I specially like the hidden pocket under the backpack to store my wallet and mom's stuff. I have not used it yet but am looking forward to use it soon.

Good product

I really like using this. But it can still crack if dropped on the ground. So make sure your little one doesn't throw it around.

Beautiful illustrations

terrific product

A Super kids-friendly design. Order came in two separate packages, one w the table and the other w the chair, both neat, high quality, and well-organized. I recommend following the videos on the vendor’s web to complete the assembling, which I think is easy. Note that you will need an extra screwdriver to finalize the chair. Overall, worth every penny to invest for your little ones.