【Grow with Me】Children Adjustable Chair【加大款】幼兒成長椅

【Grow with Me】Children Adjustable Chair【加大款】幼兒成長椅

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This chair is ergonomically designed to grow with your kids.  It can be adjusted to 4 different heights (7.5" ~ 11.5").  Its flexible design and quality is suitable for many uses such as reading, center, and meal time, etc. We recommend this set for growing kids up to age 9. The lowest height is so perfect for kids 18M and up. 專屬於家中的小寶貝 讓寶貝在不同階段 都能自在地調整使用 閱讀、吃飯、玩遊戲... 再也不用屈就大人的家具尺寸 因為不適合而造成姿勢不良 加大款幼兒成長桌椅組 建議國小三年級以前(約140公分以下)的兒童使用

 ●  All edges are rounded, making it safe for young toddlers. HA Wood furnitures are all made with solid, sustainable rubberwood with non-toxic water based protective coating, BPA free, Formaldehyde free.

● Desk and chair are tested with maximum weight of 220 lbs.


全桌椅皆為圓角設計,無尖銳邊角,可保護孩子不受傷 。 


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