【Grow with Me】Mini Collectibles Display Organizer 小汽車展示收納架

【Grow with Me】Mini Collectibles Display Organizer 小汽車展示收納架


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【Grow with Me】Mini Collectibles Display Organizer is designed with parents in mind. It is made with combination of solid wood and crystal clear acrylic shelves. In addition to establish children's routine with daily toy organization, transparent acrylic shelves are also showcase of your little ones' collectibles, such as cars, mini figures, and etc. 

  • Combination of solid wood and acrylic shelves. Each acrylic slot measures  3.3" (H) x 2.4" (W) x 2" (D). Compatible with most mini figures and toy cars. 
  • Flexible mounting area makes it compatible with HA Wood【Grow with Me】desks and most of the mounting area with width range in 11.8" to 17.3". 
  • Top two long shelve spaces are perfect for toy trains.
  • HA Wood furnitures are all made with solid, sustainable rubberwood with non-toxic water based protective coating, BPA free, Formaldehyde free. 

●實木與壓克力結合打造,壓克力展示格約3.3" (H) x 2.4" (W) x 2" (D),一般尺寸的小汽車都放得下。
●產品尺寸:21.6" x 20" x 3.9"。展示格有25格,以及2排長形展示格。
● 長型螺絲孔,11.8" 到 17.3"內的孔洞都能鎖上,靠牆放,鎖櫃子上,也可以固定在牆壁成為另類裝飾。
● 考慮車體尺寸,上方兩排可放置較長的車子,可以隨喜好填滿方格,小汽車、小公仔,隨手都能布置。
● 小汽車展示收納架使用橡膠木實木與水晶透明壓克力製作。
● 橡膠木部分塗裝使用台灣製造的EPnS環安水性木器漆,不含甲醛、苯類溶劑、重金屬,更具 有抗 菌、防霉等特點。

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Great product

Very neat wood organizer with all rounded edges. The product is actually nicer than it showed on the webpage. Came with bolts and nuts but I have to prepare my own drywall anchors and screws.

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故事平板+小書 超棒的。小孩們愛不釋手,買到現在兩個禮拜,已經換過一次電池了。很多故事&兒歌他們已經朗朗上口,也很喜歡叫我們念書給他們聽!

Cute cushion

Perfect fit and comfortable. My kids can site on the chair longer now.

Love these books

Beautiful pictures

Very cute and good

The book is so cute and my baby has a lot of fun.

The books is good but I got a used one without battery

My baby loves the sound and music of the teeth brushing book. However the book i got is an used one and no battery.