Interactive Sound Play Mat - Music Parade 互動音樂地墊

Interactive Sound Play Mat - Music Parade 互動音樂地墊

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Dwinguler Interactive Sound Play Mat is an innovative play mat with a talking pen. Beyond providing a safe and comfortable play area with its thick cushion, the mat itself also provides more than 10 interactive activities for sensory and educational development from newborn to 7 years old. 

Dwinguler play mats are manufactured with high quality non-toxic, eco-friendly, , phthalate-free, and no estrogen-like compounds materials. They also comply with all requirements of CPSIA and European Toy Safety Standards.made with 

Its non-slip surface and multiple foam layers provide excellent cushioning for minor falls and tumbles, absorbs noise from footsteps, creates insulation from cold floor.

Talking pen speaks English and Chinese! 內建中英文互換聲道

音樂派對設計特徵 (正面):

⚫️ 背景: 利用各物品發出的獨特聲音表現在日常生活中能看到的物品
⚫️ 動物們與樂器介紹: 透過趣味的動物聲音來介紹各種動物, 並有各式各樣樂器演奏, 介紹各種樂器名稱
⚫️ 童謠: 以卡通人物形象設計的童謠

音樂派對設計特徵 (反面): 

⚫️ 數字: 從0到10學習
⚫️ 童謠: 以樂器特徵設計的童謠
⚫️ 鋼琴鍵盤, 樂器轉換: 用鋼琴鍵盤演奏多種樂器 (2格八度音階)
⚫️ 行動表現: 比較正反意義的事物 & 情況 (Big vs Small, Left vs Right, and etc)
⚫️ 字母介紹: 介紹26字母, 以及生活常見單詞
⚫️ ABC 歌曲
⚫️ 另有五首輕柔古典歌曲 幫助寶寶入眠

 Production Dimension: 90.6" x 55.1" x 0.59"

Sound Mat Technology




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