Pacific Square Night Market x Yo! Baby Kid-Preneurs

Join us for this fun night market event featuring Yo! Baby Kid-Preneurs on 10/7/2023 Saturday, located in San Gabriel Valley California! 
After several fun of Yo! Baby Kid-Preneur Family Fair, we are happy to announce that this will be our first time ever taking Yo! Baby Kid-Preneurs out to a tour! 
Thanks to the invitation from the management at Pacific Square Plaza, Yo! Baby Kid-preneurs are coming to San Gabriel! 🙌 Come join the fun of night market with us! Food, games, live performance, and more! 
Yo ! Baby Shop每年舉辦二次小小創業家活動,過去幾年,已經有近百位孩子參加, Yo ! Baby Shop希望透過小小創業家活動落實寓教於樂的觀念,透過一次又一次的經驗,孩子不斷的思考、應證、修正,直到了解整個成本、銷售流程。在每一次的小小創業家活動中,寶貝們可以學到金錢觀念、社交發展、籌畫整合,最重要的是,提升孩子們的膽量與自信。
這一次,Yo ! Baby Shop帶著孩子們到太古廣場來實習,將有6-10個寶貝帶著滿滿的自信及熱情大膽秀出他們的創意,希望大家能夠前來給他們加油打氣,以實際的行動來支持寶貝們!

[ Oct 7th, 2023 Saturday ]
33 E. Valley Blvd., Alhambra, CA 91801
Event Time: 2pm - 10pm
All Performance: 4pm - 9pm

Yo! Baby Shop 小小創業家攤位時間
Kid-Preneurs Fair at Night Market
10/7/2023 (Sat)
4pm - 8pm

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