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自從有了寶寶後,我們一直在台灣找不到我們渴望給自己小孩穿的衣服,市面上的寶寶服裝往往裝飾過多或圖形沉悶沒趣,而國外悄具美感進口品牌又大多價格高昂,身為平面設計師的我與太太,相信台灣許多爸爸媽媽也深有同感,尤其是我們家的小孩是過敏寶寶,我們對他的衣、食、住、行更是嚴格 挑選,要在市面上眾多品牌、用料參差不良的衣服當中,要找到合適的產品,實在是一件極傷腦筋的事。





Plenty Collection for you.

Plenty means rich and diversity, which is similar to our brand spirit and we expect to bring different and diverse clothing for all babies.

We have not been able to find the clothes we like for our baby since its birth. Most clothes for babies are either over-designed or the patterns are dull. On the contrary, most of the nice clothes imported are expensive. As a designer for printed materials, my wife and I believe many parents in Taiwan feel the same way, particularly our baby is allergic and we are very strict in selecting clothing, food, daily commodies, and transportation for the baby. It is not an easy task to find proper products from various brands and the clothing which is made of different quality of materials from the market.

This is why we decided to establish Plenty Collection so that we could design clothing with stylish patterns for babies, without additional or excess decorations but just simple and comfortable design. The mission of Plenty Collection is the insistence in providing children the best products.

Our series particularly emphasize on simple, comfortable, interactive design and quality. We engage in doing, watching and executing all details from pattern making, fabric selecting, tailoring to printing, in order to assure every cloth to be perfectly and comfortably designed. My wife and I even make the design and pattern printing on the cloth manually as we want to achieve the best on every segment and detail. We know the perpetual efforts that parents only want to provide the best for children.

The key objective of Plenty Collection is to provide the best products for babies in Taiwan by providing safe products and creating the superior environment for raising children to benefit mothers in Taiwan. We uphold to the quality of products and persist in good services by producing all products of Plenty Collection in Taiwan. Meanwhile, we also introduce high-quality products from all over the world so that all mothers and babies can enjoy the products with safety.

Plenty Collection for you.

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