Extended Shipping & Delivery Time due to COVID-19


Thank you for your continued support for a small business like us.

In response to most of our customer inquires, we are experiencing shipping delay due to short-staffed in our warehouse facility. In order to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, decreasing number of employees in our warehouse is a must-do. We would like to appreciate your understanding and extended patience in advance.

We are also seeing a delay in delivery via USPS. A response from USPS customer service is that they are experiencing more quantity than Black Friday. The time spent to sorting and unloading has been taken up a lot of their time; thus delivery is delayed. In addition, many USPS postal office workers in some part of the U.S. has been contracted with COVID-19; thus there is short-staffed situation in some part of the U.S. 

USPS customer service has been delay in responses too. Therefore, when our customer reaches out to us in regards to package update, we might not be able to response with a concrete answer right away. 

If you have a USPS tracking number handy, you may also submit inquiry here: https://usps.force.com/emailus/s/

We are now shipping ALL orders $100 and up (including books) via UPS effective immediately.

We apologize again for all the inconvenience and hiccups. Just like most of the families, we are working from home with kids as well. We are looking to reply to all your messages in the order receipt, within 2 business days.  

Remember we are in this together. We will get out of this together.