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暑假中最後一件重頭戲就是孩子的開學日! Work hard Play hard ! 該怎麼幫孩子挑選好的開學用品,讓學習事半功倍呢? Yo! Baby 精選10樣適合孩子使用的開學物品清單,一起快樂上學去。

“Work hard, play hard!” The end of the summer also means it is back to school time again!  How do we help our children with their studies?  Yo! Baby makes these top 10 recommendations for the children to use for school, so let’s make this new school year a joyful one.

1. Explorista 環安好好學傢俱組

【Explorista】 Wooden Desk & Chair Starter Set 好好學桌椅基本組

【Explorista】 Wooden Extended Desk-Height Storage Organizer 好好學桌面延伸櫃

【Explorista】 Wooden Rolling Drawer Cubby 好好學跑跑書包櫃


外型美觀、功能實用: 桌面大,好收納。
使用期長: 四段高度調整可一路從 115公分的幼童使用至180 公分的博士生。


好好學習椅: 坐板及腳踏板針對孩子的骨骼發展:坐的時候後背得到完好的支撐、雙腳不懸空;幫媽媽矯正孩子的坐姿 ^_^

好好學習桌: 四段可傾斜桌面設計,不管是畫畫,勞作,閱讀,寫字都可隨需要調整角度,保護視力及頸椎。這是一套結合美學與實用性的成長書桌



This furniture set uses solid rubber wood to ensure both quality and design standards. With its minimalist styles that complement any home styles, the application is plenty with its large desk surface. Explorista chair can be adjusted in four levels for young kids from 115 cm to 180 cm (Kinder to adult).

Let’s take a look at the ergonomic desk chair design:

Back and leg supports target children’s spine growth:  When sitting, the whole back is supported while legs are not in the air.  The uses of the chair will allow parents to correct children’s posture.

Tilted desktop design allows children to use the desk for drawing, crafting, reading, and writing at different angles, taking care of both eye position and neck posture.  This is a very capable desk and chair set.

Other Explorista furniture is also great to add according to your preference and home styles. Explorista Extended Desk Storage Organizer is simply a desk extension and bookshelf in 1. Designed to match with the Explorista desk, its top serves as an extension to the desk (parents get to sit by the kid with space), while storing books and essentials by the desk side. Hidden wheels allow free movement around the house whenever you like. What's even better? NO ASSEMBLY NEEDED AT ALL! 

Finally, the Rolling Drawer Cubby functions as your under desk rolling drawer with deeper and more space to put away backpacks, art supplies, folders, and etc. Hidden 5-wheel move around smoothly. Spacious top level can be used for backpacks or folders to it provides quick access to the kid without having to getting on and off the chair back and forth (parents, we feel you!). The bottom level can be used to store toys, art supplies, folders, and more. What's even better to add? NO ASSEMBLY NEEDED AT ALL! 

All peg holes on Explorista come with added convenience! Use the included peg sticks to hang more items whenever needed, wherever you like, perfect for saving spaces.

2.【Grow with Me Desk-Chair Bundle】幼兒成長桌+椅組



這套專為幼兒設計的全實木成長桌椅,有重量不會晃動、所有材質皆為圓角,安全滿分;一歲多的寶寶也能坐得很穩不滑落。 對幼兒來說,好好的坐著玩、看書、畫畫,本身就是一種學習專注力及耐心的好機會。

除了安全,無毒,尤其是這套成長家具 (依品項) 分成四~五段高度,可從嬰幼兒使用到140 公分的兒童,椅子中間設計簍空,方便拿取,且耐重為100 公斤,家長也可一起坐著陪玩。


Grow with Me 系列更有多款附加配件可依照家庭不同需求使用, 尤其玩花漾組合式掛架可瞬間加大桌椅組的收納與畫畫空間喔! 

After reading about Explorista desk and chair series for elementary kids, let’s take a look at our all-time best selling Grow-with-Me series desk and chair set for toddlers to pre-school children. 

Many parents may ask, “why do you need a desk if baby only plays?”  Actually, having a good desk and chair even for toddlers will help promote good posture and habit. This Grow-with-me desk and chair set is designed with young children in mind, with balanced weight to keep it from moving, while all edges are rounded.  Perfectly safe and comfortable, A one-year-old can sit comfortably without slipping or falling, allowing him/her to grow more patience when playing, reading, and drawing. This is a good way to practice concentration as the baby grows up.

Other than safety and environmentally friendly, the Grow-with-Me series are both chair and desk height adjustable into 4 to 5 levels, allowing young children up to 140cm (55") to use.  Grow-with Me Chair has back support with space to allow ease of holding and moving around.  It can also support up to 100kg (220 lbs) of maximum weight capacity, allowing parents to sit and play with the child.

Desk has raised rounded edges on 3 sides, preventing things such as pens from falling off the desk.  Parents will not have to keep picking up things on the ground.  Lastly, desk comes with a small drawer, allowing child to keep his/her treasure. Grow-with-Me Extended Storage Solution can be added to both sides of the desk for added book storage, stationery, papers, and more.  

3.【Grow with Me】2-in-1 Multi-Purpose Bookshelf and Storage

除了書桌, 一套好的展示書櫃可以吸引孩童的閱讀興趣。這套質感優良的展示書櫃分為兩段式家具,結合書櫃及收納櫃。書櫃的部分可清楚的展示每一本書的封面,方便孩子選擇喜歡的書。收納櫃用法多元,可當書桌、可與展示書櫃堆疊或上下分開單獨使用,隨時改變居家風格,打造舒適的閱讀氛圍。

Having a display bookcase and a standing shelf to display favorite books is also important to foster a child’s interest in reading. This Grow-with-Me 2-in-1 Bookshelf comes with 2 parts for young kids playroom storage:  The display bookshelf simply display book covers, increasing child's interest to read. Wait, there's also a huge secret storage space once you lift up the display shelf (we do not have let the kids know about this).  The other storage shelf can be used to storage toys or more books. It comes with an adjustable divider to help you organize. When use it free standing, top of the shelf is great surface for large bulky toys, open-ended toys, or art materials.

The shelves can be used side-by-side (for toddlers) or stacked as child grows. 

4. 日本 PuniLabo 開學文具用品

PuniLabo Slim Portable Scissors 棒狀攜帶型剪刀

PuniLabo Standing Pencil Case 可愛動物站立伸縮鉛筆盒 

PuniLabo Elastic Notebook Band Portable Pen Holder 筆記本隨身筆袋

您看過像一支鋼筆一樣方便攜帶的剪刀嗎? 這套可愛的造型剪刀,有六種動物造型可選擇,剪刀上有可懸掛的皮帶,可以掛在冰箱上使用。矽橡膠握把觸感佳,重點是很好剪。


Have you ever seen a pen-shaped scissors?  This pair of cute scissors design has six different animal shapes, and can be carried around like a keychain. The silicon rubber grip is easy to handle, and it is very functional when it comes to cutting.  

The cuteness also extends to the pencil cases, with the same silicon rubber material for great handling.  These cute pencil cases are self-standing, perfect for school use or on a desk at home.  There is also a portable pen holder with elastic band to attach to books, a perfect companion for travel.  Each portable pen holder can hold approximately three pens, and can be used to keep notebook from opening.  All pencil cases and port pen holder come with the same animal shapes as the scissors.  

5. 妙妙雞認知小掛圖:九九乘法


看到這個圖有沒有喚起您的童年記憶、回到學習99 乘法的時刻?

Does this poster remind you of the old days when you struggled to memorize the simple multiplication? Hang this cute poster on a wall, read it or sing it out loud often. You'd be amazed how easy they can memorize it all! Cute graphic and big font size designed for young kids!

6. 漢字會說畫

漢字會說畫( 分成人事、物象和自然三套) 每一張字卡都可以掃描 QR Code,用手機輕輕一掃,您獨一無二的漢字講堂就開始了,隨時聆聽字的生動介紹。

這套字卡, 除了基本的詞語示範,還有字型的演變、中英文對照。每張字卡都有搭配的圖片,孩子學認字不死記,開發右腦圖像學習。


This contains a set of visual flash cards (three sets related to people, objects, and nature) with individual QR code to turn each individual card into virtual learning experience, displaying not just the evolution of word structure, but also word usage. Additionally, each flash card comes with tracing strokes, allowing child to practice Chinese strokes while memorizing the word usage. 
This set is easy to carry: perfect for travel, eating, or anywhere in the house whenever the child wants to learn Chinese words.

7. SKATER Cafe Bowl Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulation Food Jar 日本保溫便當盒

輕巧好攜帶的日本保溫便當盒,可承帶附有湯汁的料理如咖哩飯,牛肉燴飯。不鏽鋼保溫容器中隱藏夾層, 讓飯菜可以分離,菜汁不會跟飯或麵混淆影響食慾。飯菜分開擺放,再一起保溫帶著走,輕輕鬆鬆吃到溫熱的 warm lunch。

This light weight Japanese style bento box has insulation capability, perfect for saucy food such as curry rice or beef bowl. Skater Cafe Bowl series comes in a stainless jar with 2 divided parts to separate the rice/noodles from side dishes, which keeping them all insulated. Comes with simple or cute character designs, great for both boys and girls.  With this charming bento box, who wouldn’t want to finish all the food? The stainless-steel material is great for cleaning and daily use.  

8. SKATER Insulated Lunch Bag with Wipe Pocket - 日本濕紙巾保溫餐袋



This cute lunch bag uses great insulation material, with large opening and wide bottom gusset, making it easy to contain food items. It also comes with a outer pocket with quite opening for wet wipes or sanitized wipes, making good hygiene practical for the kid. It comes with two styles, Burgers and Moomins, bringing cuteness to good appetite.

9. CiPU KIDS School Bag - CiPU輕量護脊書包


Thinking about school backpacks for kindergarteners or elementary schools?  We have this recommendation for you. Designed with child’s spine support in mind, this CiPU backpack will protect child as his/her body grows.
The material is both light-weight and breathable, while it has a reflection surface to keep the back from becoming sultry. Comes with a roll-up spare bag for child to use in case of any event that may require a spare to store separately (wet shoes, wet socks, or quick grab of a few essentials for an after school class). A stationery pouch is also included for all the school supplies needed. 
The design is delicate, with spacious interior, this backpack can really become a child’s travel luggage.

10. SKATER Antibacterial Flask Water Bottle with Carry Strap 銀離子直飲式水壺

夏天到了,多補充水分好重要! 為孩子選擇一款輕巧好用的水壺,讓孩子愛上喝水! 

大名鼎鼎的日本 Skater 水壺,有多種款式可選擇,造型可愛吸睛。銀離子抗菌設計,避免滋生細菌,乾淨衛生,媽媽好放心。

使用方便: 斜瓶口設計,方便孩子大口喝水不噴灑。彈蓋設計,一按就可以喝水好省事。大口徑瓶口方便放冰塊也極好清洗,是一款可愛又實用的水壺。夏天到了,讓我們一起大口喝水吧!

Finally, summer time cannot be without sufficient water. This is a water bottle made for utility and cuteness; child will love drinking water with this!

The famous Skater water bottle has a lot of styles for the family to choose. It comes with antibacterial property, preventing bacteria from growing, giving parents a peace of mind. 
Utility is easy: sloped spouted opening allows ease of water access without spilling.  The water bottle cap is a single button push, and the opening is big enough to add ice.  Cleaning is also easy with the big opening.  This is a very practical water bottle, perfect for the summer time and back to school.


開學日要到了,感受孩子成長的喜悅的同時,也到了為孩子挑選開學用品的時候。這10 款Yo! Baby 的開學用品清單,為孩子製造優良的學習氣氛、良好的學習習慣。 快來帶我們一起去上學吧!

Back to school should be a joyous feeling because we get to pick all kind of great school items. With these ten recommendations, you can create the perfect learning environment for the family and great study habit for the kids. Please bring them home for the new school year! 

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