Motherly Notes


During the pandemic in 2020, Motherly Notes School was born where Julie started offering fun online native level Chinese courses. She incorporated elements from educational theories such as behaviorism, constructivism, humanism, etc. Her motto was 笑到爆也可以學中文. It means you can laugh until you cry while learning Chinese. Now after many years, the students of her program are witnessing fast progress through daily exposure to the methods she's been using. Julie envisioned a true immersion school where Chinese is not studied as a subject but as the means to form meaningful bonds to families and culture for everyday life.

在2020年的疫情期間,Motherly Notes誕生了!Julie開始了有以中文母語為目標的中文課。她將行為、建構、人文等內容融入課程中。她提倡的是「笑到爆也可以學中文」,也就是說你可以在學中文的同時也笑到不行。在多年的努力下,她的學生們透過每日接觸、學習、使用快速的進步。在這裡,中文不是一門學科,而是可以用在日常生活,聯繫家庭與文化的橋樑。

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