Mid-Autumn Festival DIY Craft

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up on 9/29 this year 🌕
It's one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture.

This holiday celebrates the harvest with family gathering. Families get together with a feast and and mooncakes. Kids play lanterns under the full moon. It also symbolizes our gratitude on this Holiday. I often tell my kids, Moon Festival to our culture is similar to Thanksgiving in the U.S. And they get it right away!

We also often hear a story about the full moon and 嫦娥 (Chang'e) and 后羿 (Hou-Yi) when we talk about Mid-Autumn Festival. 嫦娥 is the Moon Goddess of Immortality. There are many versions of the stories between them and here is a simplified version I shared with young kids:

Chang'e flew to the moon after she swallowed the elixir of immortality. Yi felt so sad that he displayed the fruits and cakes Chang'e liked in the yard and gave sacrifices to his wife. People soon learned about these activities, and since they also were sympathetic to Chang'e they participated in these sacrifices with Yi.

In observation of Moon Festival, we made this simple fun craft with this cuteness-overloaded version of Chang'e (嫦娥) and the full moon during our story time event in store. Kids were having a blast and we thought we could share the joy with Yo! Baby kiddos too!

 Watch this quick tutorials:

Click here to download the printable and start coloring

Quick Facts

This holiday which celebrates the end of the harvest season is typically marked by family get-togethers, lantern festivals, and mooncake celebrations, yummy right!

It is celebrated in many other Asian nations as well, such as Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, and Malaysia, and as said earlier, it is the second-most significant festival after Chinese New Year.

When: Mid-Autumn Festival occurs on the fifteenth day of the Chinese calendar’s eighth month.

Significance: It’s a significant festival in Chinese culture and very comparable to the Western Thanksgiving holiday.

How do people in China celebrate? Friends, family, and delectable food are all that matter, with the mooncake taking center stage.

As the full moon shines brightly in the sky, people celebrate by lighting decorative lanterns. Mooncakes and other items with festive themes are frequently given as gifts to friends and family.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival), everyone! 

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