美國工業設計出身的 Clare Chen, 身兼工業設計師又是眾多小孩阿姨的 Clare, 對於小孩純真古靈精怪的特性覺得非常寶貴與有意思. 透過平常生活中與 baby們的互動與觀察所啓發, CC的商品總是令人會心一笑. 

結合了商品本身該有的實用設計與跳出框框的思考模式, 延伸出簡單但帶有點小聰明的有趣商品. 期望CC商品替每個家庭創造更多便利與豐富的故事.
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Good product

We purchased this product after our baby arrived, and we wished we could have bought this earlier. Very good quality and cute design.

Great item as it helps guide the kids in writing the Chinese characters. The material is durable as it's thicker card stock rather than paper. I used it with the vanishing ink pens so I can keep re-using these books!

Nice large blanket

nice large blanket for toddlers. Not too thick but works well for us in the winter time.

Good choice

Good bookshelf choice let the baby pick up his book himself! Very sturdy!

Good product and fast delivery

It’s a good backpack for a mother who needs to bring lots of baby stuffs when going out. It’s beautiful and easy to use. The delivery is fast and product was packed perfectly. Highly recommend !