Making Edible Tie-Dye Eggs for Easter / DIY 紮染復活節彩蛋

Yo ! Baby要邀請大小朋友一起來『染蛋』過節,一起來享受有趣的親子時光
  • 2小時內將蛋放入肚子或者冰箱
  • 在開始前,洗乾淨小手手及操作的地方



  • 紙巾
  • 橡皮筋
  • 煮熟的白蛋
  • 食用色素 (液體式為佳)
  • 白醋
  • 噴瓶
  • 蛋盒/托盤(方便染蛋後擺放)


  1. 將白蛋煮熟或用電鍋蒸熟
  2. 等待煮蛋的時間,用桌布、回收紙板或保鮮膜蓋住您的工作檯面,以防止染色。
  3. 將噴瓶裝滿水以及少許的白醋。(1茶匙的白醋對一杯水)
  4. 將冷卻的白煮蛋用紙巾包起來,再以橡皮筋綁住
  5. 使用不同顏色的食用色素,以點的方式局部點在包好的蛋上。(由淺色入深色的順序為佳)
  6. 用噴瓶將水均勻的噴在蛋上,讓其顏色均勻的紮染開來。
  7. 將蛋放置3-5分鐘等待入色。
  8. 將紙巾拆開展示你的紮染成果將蛋放在托盤上,待全乾後就可以點綴你的蛋你完成了紮染步驟!!! 



Easter is coming with kids all excited about egg hunting. At Yo! Baby, we are celebrating Easter with some tie-dye eggs using food coloring!
By using food coloring, these tie-dye eggs are edible. Just few tips for safe food consumption: 

  • Consume or keep refrigerated within 2 hours
  • Make sure your hand and working surface are clean before you start

During the tie-dye process, it's also a good opportunity to talk about color blending with the kids. The whole process is quick, easy, and educational!
Let's get started! 

Prepare Materials

  • Paper towel
  • Rubber band
  • Hard-boiled white egg
  • Food coloring (we found liquid ones show better results than the gel ones)
  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Egg carton to hold the eggs after tie-dye

  1. Cook or steam white eggs. We found it easier with steaming if you have rice cooker at home. Remember to save the egg carton for later.
  2. While waiting for the cooked eggs, cover your work surface with a table cover, recycled cardboard, or plastic wrap to protect from color stains.
  3. Fill up a spray bottle with water and white vinegar mix (1 tsp vinegar per cup of water)
  4. When eggs are boiled and cooled, wrap individual egg with a paper towel and use a rubber band to secure it. 
  5. Drip several drops of food coloring on the paper towel wrapped egg. We found the colors blend better when starting with light food coloring first (i.e. yellow). 
  6. Lightly spray the paper towel and watch the magic of color blending starts! Colors spread around the paper towel and new colors are formed.
  7. Let the soaked paper towel wrapped egg sit for 3 to 5 minutes.
  8. Unwrap the paper towel to reveal the magic! Set the egg on a egg carton to let dry. Repeat the steps for more eggs. 
Now is a good time to chat about colors and color blending, try asking a question like...
"How many new colors do you notice on the egg?" 
"Wow, we did not use _(color)_, but _(color)_ is on the egg now? Why?"
I love moments like this! Kids learn the best from experiments. They see the colors mixed and new colors formed with that "wow" face and they will remember just like that!

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